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Restoration Services

“Driving down any random street if I see a dilapidated house, I mean a really ugly one, I want it. I want to restore it.  ..I see original design intent or purpose. I see what COULD be and I am passionate about it. .. I don’t see the broken down disaster others see. I see something else.

My dad, he is the exact same way with cars. He can see a rusted out old chassis with nothing but one headlamp hanging off and no engine; but that doesn’t matter. He can tell you year, make and model. ..His heart is to restore it to its original glory.

I think it is hereditary. My mom and sister and my kids and her kids, well, we are all a bit like this and the beautiful thing is we feel the same about people.

We aren’t in business or life to help the pretty or the perfect people. We are for the broken, the hurting and the sick. We see the original purpose and we are passionate about people being restored! Just like myself with homes or my dad with cars we believe that it is never too late to see someone restored and blessed.

Our company culture wants to see people restored, refreshed and renewed. Each of us have been or are fixer-uppers of one sort or another and that’s exactly why T-MAR will always generously support caring for those that are marginalized. That’s one of the driving forces that keep us going year-round.”

Owner – Tim Bussio

Our Project Management services are wrap-around, meaning that start to finish, every single detail of your project is being managed with professionalism and integrity. Whether T-MAR is overseeing a large tenant improvement, working on detailing a new construction home, restoring a wood or composite entrance door, repairing fire or water damage or just helping clear a few items off of a honey-do list, when we are finished in a home it will look as good as new!

We will refinish, repaint, renew, restore, retrofit and refurbish just about anything and bring it back to its original glory. We clean-up foreclosures, rental damages and abandoned homes as well. Our crew is highly professional and completed projects will be inspected with rigorous standards and will also be spotlessly clean so that each and every job is impeccable upon completion.

Front Door Restoration Project – Scripps Ranch, San Diego July 2020

“Our front door significantly weathered over time from the sun, so the custom manufacturer that installed our door 8 years ago referred Tim Bussio as their preferred vendor for restorations.

All I can say is that Tim did an absolutely beautiful job. This door has a significant amount of sentimental value as well, and he really brought it all the way back to the day we had it originally installed. …And it was an added bonus that Tim and I share a mutual love of classic rock music – he was great to hang out with for the day.” ~ John P., San Diego

18723 Via Princessa, Suite 120 
Santa Clarita, Ca 91387
18723 Via Princessa, Suite 120 
Santa Clarita, Ca 91387